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Big Changes!

Posted on March 24, 2014 at 11:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello there!

its been a while now.. sorry for that i doing an update to this website, but its still work in progress.. but that is not what i wanna talk about today...

today i will announce that i will redesign whole Chrillsims3 and what i mean about this, is that i gonna have a new banner and design on youtube and new video thumbnail pictures aswell to something that will match my style.. i gonna have a new design on facebook and twitter aswell... so basically i gonna do new design and look for everything... but nows the fun part.. i also gonna redesign all my shows aswell.. i asked a quick question on facebook and twitter if they want quantity or quality... and they all basically said quality... so here is my plan i gonna have less shows but the shows that will be on my channel will be more entertaining to watch i will put more time on them...right now i do videos that takes less time to do but forever to take the time to export and upload them for a couple of reasons... i dont want that... it feels like they are not good and i upload them not to often, if you know what i mean...

quality dont mean it gonna take more time than it does today.. but have to make some changes on my channel... it will be more entertaining videos to watch and less update videos i hope... we start with houses, as you know i do something called "let's build" people like it but it does affect my original house videos, i dont have time for two building projects at the same time and it also takes forever to complete a house... so i decied to stop lets build a house series and focus on my real house videos.. and to be honest this is also faster way for you to enjoy my houses and there will be more houses than it is today... when it comes to story they will be my second main show and they will be still here and with less shows i can work more on my movies... then we now have my world and i do a update video and a community house video every weekend but i dont think that is so entertaining so i gonna put the update and community video togehter in 1 video so there will be a house video and a showcase of the world what i have been doing this week and also do some secret things who knows.. i gonna rename it to something i think will sound intresting, what you think?...

also last maybe i do drawing speed videos aswell but i dont know if that gonna be a show or something i do when i feel for it.... so thats all.. all let's play, lets build and random update videos will be gone and then i can focus more on house building and storys... there might be fewer videos but the quality will be better and this also mean that it dosen't have to take long time to build a house, before i had lets build but now i can focus in the real building video as i said before.. and i just also want to say that 1 story video counts as a house video, just to let you know... i dont know what i should do with the minecraft videos tho if you have any ideas let me know...

the idea behind all this is to give my channel a new fresh start and start over and we maybe can give the channel more life than it is today... so all i want to say is that i gonna do a whole makeover of my channel..

have a nice day!

new House

Posted on December 14, 2013 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (12)

Hello there!

i haven't really updated my site very much sorry for that, anyway i want to share some pictures of my new house im building in sims 3... its a very modern colourful medium sized that i thought looks very nice... stay tuned on my social sites when i realese the date im uploading this house..

right now im done with the house and garden so it just interior left 

here are the pictures:

The Sims 4 - Create a Sim

Posted on August 28, 2013 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (4)


While we were in Simscamp we learned much about the Create a Sim tool... and we actually got the chance to play Create a sim for The sims 4.. my first impression on this tool was.. it was hard to use the tool when you started it was something that never has been done in a sims game before but after i played with it a few minutes it got easier...

This is my first sim i created in The Sims 4... im proud of that because she is very cute..

Its the most powerful Create a sim tool yet... and it is so fun that i can just spend hours making sims without getting bored, you can change the size of your sims feets, you can give your sims an unique walking style... the traits didn't they talk about so much this time but im sure more info will be in the future...

The best thing with this new powerful "drag your sims shape" is that you can finally get new unique sims everytime you get in to it.. i mean when i create a sim in The sims 3 it always end up with awesome sims but they always look the same.. in The sims 4 you will have diffrent Sims all the time..

one cool new feature i really like.. is that you finally can give your sims a hat and change the hairstyle as you want it.. that is something you couldn't do in The sims 3 

You get diffrent options when you change the angle of your sims so you can turn you sims around and change the size of the nose than rotate you back again and you will get another option... it can be hard in the begining as i said but it gets more easier the more you play with it...

you can pretty much change everything on your sims even the shoulders... make your legs big while your arms is skinny it is your choise... also the voices for your sims will sound more personal.. 

SimsCamp Day 2 - 4

Posted on August 28, 2013 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello there 

i have been recently in gamescom germany to see the new The sims 4 and had an amazing time there but my internet didn't work to well over there so thats why i didn't post anything but now im home and i got many things to talk about.. i maybe going to do a seprate page about The sims 4 on this website i dont know yet but im going to do a picture album about my trip so stay tuned for that..

while i was at SimsCamp i did a couple of Vlogs that you can see here below..

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SimsCamp: Day 1

Posted on August 18, 2013 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello everyone!

as you may already know, if you seen my videos recently.. you know i'm going SimsCamp, Camescom in Germany... to meet simmers and youtubers and we got the chance to play The sims 4 and The sims 3 into the future :) i hope im going to meet some of you while i'm there and while i'm there i going to Vlog for each day (thats what i plan to do anyway) so i will keep you updated on my youtube channel also im going to blog everyday when im there... and last follow me on Instagram, twitter and facebook for all the latest news... here is my first Vlog video:

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RIP TheQuxxn - We all love you <3

Posted on July 23, 2013 at 5:35 PM Comments comments (4)

I'm here Today to tell everyone on 21 July, 2013 our Simmer, Friend, Idol that our most beloved Quxxn did recently pass away leaved her family, friends and fans in shock...

TheQuxxn were one of the most funny and heartfelt person i will ever know.. she made us laugh much, she made us cry she had such a strong personality thats maybe why she had such a big fanbase, Quxxn had 140 000 subscribers on youtube, she deserved every single of them...

I remember first time i saw and heard about TheQuxxn.. actually i found her old channel Quxxn at that time.. i found her Lp very entertainment and ofcourse subscribed.. a day after Quxxn send me a message like this:

"OMG did you subscribe to me, thanks <3"  ... what made me today cry :'(

Quxxn got a new channel: The Quxxn. and she become more and more popular and i have to admit i was a little bit jealous when she got more subscribers than me :3

and what i most remeber from Quxxn was when i just had become a partner on youtube, i had some problems to get those ads on my videos, Quxxn noticed it and said to me that she could help me, i didn't ask for help but she did and that is something that i never will forget, she took her time to help me, she took the time to ask her "youtubepartner manager" (or what it is called) so maybe i can have it better... we talked to each other over skype she was really friendly...

Quxxn asked me if i wanted her make a Lp house to her Lp and future project... and ofcourse i said yes... but in the same time, i myself got really sick... this is when i got my lung collapse i was in the hospital for over 2 months and i had lung collapse over 3 times, a pneumonia and a big surgery... 

and What i know, Quxxns death was because of an infection in her lungs which makes me think, it should been me... it should been me instead of her... and this kills my soul every single minute... ofcourse i wanted both of us survive but it should have been me... she didn't deserve to die she was only 25 years old... but it seemed that god wanted me alive.. i have been in the same situation as her we both surgery our lungs... even today i have still pain in the left side of my cheats...

i know right now that Quxxn plays sims 3 on her cloud computer up in heaven watching us... she will always be in our hearts will never been forgotten.. and what make me cry even more is that we never will ever hear her funny voice again.. she will never share her thought about sims 4

if you have a hard time like me as a friend or fan or family talk to someone we are humans we need that.. im still shocked over her death i have never dealed with this before, its unreal and im trying so hard to wake up from this nightmare... she was one of the most loved and biggest simmer in the world and her fans supported her and still supports her.

remember 22 July is Quxxnday we simmers share our thoughts and memories and i love you quxxn as a friend you are a big inspiration for many of us even for me and other big simmers... i wish we just could go back in time... when i came back from my surgery i uploaded a house to her LP a little late but she didn't care much about that... but she never got to play in it... 

my tornado house is decated to you Quxxn from all of my heart.. i will also make you another house Called after your name "Quxxn 25"  and many pepole still wondering how she looked like and honestly i dont care how she looked liked and not should you too.. we learned to know the personality, her voice and that is what all matters.. as Quxxn always said "have a super fantatic awesome splendid amazing day"

Her last words to me were: "I freaking love you <3"  :'(

TheQuxxn will always be in our hearts... her videos will always remain awesome and funny and will always be there when you need them as most... we have a hard time infront of ous simmers... but what i know, Quxxn didn't want you to abandon the game she loved very much... keep playing... Rest in peace my friend... TheQuxxn <3

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NEW! Funny Montage

Posted on June 12, 2013 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (4)


everyone today i upload a new video something i have always wanted to do and now today i finally made it... its a funny montage and i'm very proud how the result went :P

also i'm updating my website if you wonder ^^ there are more videos upcoming soon maybe one tomorrow.

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Tornado Video

Posted on June 11, 2013 at 7:25 PM Comments comments (1)

Hello if you missed my latest house video 

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The Sims 3 Island Paradise

Posted on June 1, 2013 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (3)

Hello there

i were recently on a The sims Island paradise event in Stockholm, Sweden... and i had the chance to play the new expansion pack Island paradise that will come out in end of June... anyway while i played i also took some pictures of this wonderful game.. 

i took the house boat (new lot) with my sim Chrille out in the ocean and started to learn the new skill that you earn when you swim... when you had enough with skill points you could scuba diving... Chrille find no treasure under the water but he found a mermaid something new that comes with this expansion... the became friends and later on they got married... later i checked in on a resort on one of the biggest islands and i'm amazed thats the only thing i have to say, and there may not be a resturant but there was food you could get... and it reminds me a lot of the sims 1 vacation... Chrille went to the front desk and was looking for adventure...there were three difficult tasks (i think that) first i had to scuba diving and find some kelp, walk over fire 2 times and fight a shark... i took me a while to complete those tasks but in reward i found a hidden island...these are private island that you can build your house on or even build a resort...

there are many great things for builders in this expansion but there were not much new objects that i was hoping for there not much in hairs and clothes (for male) didnt get a look what clothes and hair female had but i guess it is much more than males... anyway i enjoyed playing this game and this may be one of the best expansions in sims 3 yet...

here are 3 picture of Island paradise... if you want to see more pictures click here 


Where have you been?

Posted on April 18, 2013 at 7:50 AM Comments comments (32)

Hi there everyone something happend this month and im going to tell why i havent upload any videos... you that have followed me on Facebook and Twitter knows exactly what im going to talk about...

this is a very long story.. but im going to tell you anyway, if someone remember my latest video i uploaded (lets build house part 6) you heard me in the video that something was wrong.. yes! i couldnt breath... but i didnt do any thing about it... the night between friday and saturday i couldnt sleep cause i had pain in my whole body, on the saturday morning i know this was not normal but because it was on a saturday i decied to not visit the hospital and ignored it.. the night to sunday was a hell pain in my body and i couldnt breath on sunday i decieded to go to hospital...

i got to the hospital and they got test on me and they looked a little wierd on me the doctor walked away.. i waited 3 hours in that room before another doc. came and said your left lung dosent work... so ok! is it bad? and before i knew anything more i were on my way to (IVA) in a wheel chair... IVA stand for "intensiv vårds avdelningen" in swedish.. there is where all the most sickest people is where the doctors look after you all the time 7 days a week 24 hours a day...anyway they put me in a bed and they got a table full with knifes and stuff and mark a big cross on my chest... and basically druged me as hell... before i knew it i wake up with a compressor on my chest with a hose that goes to my lungs...

what i had is called pneumotorax and is not rare acually what this means was that, one of my lungs leaked out air, which also means that it was to much air out side the lung... so my lung was at the end completely flat...ugh it hard to explain but i hope you understand...

i were at the hospital from sunday to tuesday i think... i got home with that thing on my chest and were home to saturday i think... and was supposed to get the compressor of but when they came in to us they said it have been worse... so now i was on a bed in hospital again (on the same place) but this time they took a much bigger hose... and omg what pain i had... i coludnt move my morphine almost all the time and it was the most painfull week of my life... anyway they took it out after a whole week...came home said on my twitter that i was home and everying was good until a couple a days after and i couldnt breath again...

so back to the hospital again this time they send me to the biggest hospital in gothenburg and see if they could make it... of course we had to wait for hours and once again i got a bed in hospital... it was on a monday i think... i got the same big hose in my body that i had last time...and basically had pain almost all the time... they took it away on thursday... and this time it was gone (atleast what i hope) this time it worked so i got home late on the evening... and ofcourse the day after i felt very sick... headache and fever... so i went back to the hospital and this time i had someting else, i had pneumonia which you should take very seriously especially now when my body was weak... because people have died from it... but dont worry..because we came in early to the hospital before they worst things will start they treated it well (if you know what i mean).

i were haveing a bad time again on the hospital... i were there until monday or tuesday (i dont know) and now im sitting here not 100% rcovered but im getting better for each day.